Yokohama offers complete line of GMPHOM2009 certified offshore marine hoses. Design features include not only the superior durability and flexibility, but also the weight reduction in the double carcass hose. The hoses are manufactured by highly skilled workforce in state-of-the-art facilities in Japan, Italy and Indonesia. 
1. Design Concepts "No Leakage & No Bulge"
 2. Leak Free Tube Lining Constructin
- Strong adhesion between nipple & lining
- Overlapping of tube layers, No air trapped & Strong tihtening at tube fabrication
- High oil resistant material
- Longer adhesin length
3. Strong Flotation Constructin
- Natural rubber rich closed cell foam
- No-Gas-Lock System<br><br>
4. Polyester Cord Reinforcement
-Better fatigue perfrmance 
-No permanent deformation(eg.Kinking)
-Light Weight
5. Body Wire
Each helical wire in layer(s) is continuous without welding
"The Oil Detector Warning System" is a second generation YOKOHAMA double carcass hose's primary carcass failure detection system.
At the time of primary carcass failure, oil would flow into and be trapped inside this built-in oil detector on one end f the hose and remained visible even after completion of operation, allowing operator to easily check and confirm that particular hose at anytime.
"Twist Warning System (TWS)" is specially designed for the submarine hose as a main leak detector. It is characterized by a distinct visible change which helps diver's inspection under water. 
The oil pot detector is also available for submarine hose as a secondary function of detection system. However, for submarine hose, please refer to TWS as a priority since oil pod detector is too sensitive to use as a part of submarine hose. The operators can firmly confirm the primary carcass failure through these two detectors. This confirmation work reduces the risk of unnecessary hose replacement under water.

Specialty Products

- Polyurethane Covered Hose
- Specially Reinforced & Variably Reinforced Submarine Hose
- Reeling Hose
- STS (Ship-to-Ship) Hose
- Pneumatic Fender