Merpro’s TORE® is a unique device which allows Merpro to offer the complete range of sand handling solutions from sand removal from separators to clean disposal. Merpro has the complete range of sand handling solutions from desanding and sand cleaning to bagging and disposal. Maintain optimum oil production by handling produced sand online, eliminating shut downs, Merpro is a technology based company supplying production process solutions to the oil  and gas industry worldwide. The company designs and manufactures of production processing solutions for Sand Handling. Merpro’s sand handling equipment is able to manage and move sand from welllstreams, production separators etc. Controlling and conditioning sand for flowing into desanders and sandwash systems are essential facets of sand handling.

Online Vessal Desanding TORE® Online Vessel Desander

The TORE® Online Vessel Desander (TORE®OVD) providers a best in class solution by removing sand from separator vessels and tanks on-line, eliminating the need for production disturbance and costly shut downs.

Wellstream Desanding

TORE®TRAP is a wellstream desander which removes sand from well fluids, protecting equipment such as choke valves, injection pumps and inlet manifolds from sand and erosion.


Wells producing sand at start up or during work over require a high pressure wellhead desander to be installed at the wellhead, prior to the choke valve. The flow from the well in these instances can include a mixture of fluids (oil, water, chemicals), gas, and sand. Merpro wellhead pressures and temperatures while being flexible to be adapted to handle the mixture of fluids, gas and sand.


Sand Cleaning TORE®SCRUB Sand Cleaning

TORE®SCRUB cleans oil from produced sand and solids, enabling overboard discharge within strict environmental limits or solids re-injection.


Sand Hydrotransportation TORE®HYDROHOIST

TORE®HYDROHOIST is a slurry transportation system which lifts slurries vertically and moves them horizontally over considerable heights and distances.

Hand Held Sand Removal ToolTORE®LANCE"

TORE®LANCE is a portable tool for removing slurry from vessels, tanks and sludge pits.