The NOV Best Products line covers a complete range of severe services chokes from 2” to 10” nominal sizes with pressure ratings from 2,000 psi to 20,000 psi for API, and 150 lb to 2500 lb class for ANSI requirements. Customers may choose between an adjustable choke design with multi-orifice cage trim or a positive choke valve design.

VBS-100 Stepping Actuator

• Pneumatic or hydraulic operated actuator
• Visual Position indicator and 4-20MA transmitter for remote position indication
• Manual override via hex drive shaft
• Fail in last position with loss of power to the actuator
• Water-tight housing with corrosion resistant coating
• Additional actual options available

MPC Series Chokes

• Seal wear monitor (patented design) detects washout in the wear sleeve before erosion damage can occur in the body
• Closed cage option (patented design) that completely encloses the area of the cage that is exposed to the turbulence created by the pressure drop
• Pressure balances trim for low operating torque under all flow conditions
• Bolted bonnet design for added safety
• Large body reservoir reduces body erosion
• Extended seat length provides added wear protection in the outlet bore to increase service life
• Cage design reduces noise levels to operate under 85 dba level
• Easy conversion from manual to actuated for remote/ automation applications


XPC Series Chokes

• Stem lock cannot damage stem threads
• Environment seat reduces marine corrosion on bonnet internals
• Grease fiting for maintenance of stem/bonnet threads
• Spring-energized intergrity than V-packing while minimizing friction
• Pressure balanced trim for low operating torque under all flow conditions
• Cage design reduces negative force gradients on stem at small orifice setting
• Multi-orifice cage provides an increase in flow capacity, a reduction in noise and downstream pressure recovery and a greater cavitation index when compared to the more common needle and seal design
• Throttling components of cage are tungsten carbide
• Extended seat lenght provides added wear protection to outlet

MPX Series Chokes

• Simple, efficient design for maximum reliability
• Complete interchangeability of trim sizes per nominal body size
• Bolted bonnet design for increased safety
• Solid tungsten carbide trim components extend life expectancy
• Large body reservoir reduces body erosion
• Non-threaded seat design requires fewer parts, less downtime, and ease of maintenance
• Pressure balanced trim for low operating torque under all flow conditions
• Lightweight, campact envelope dimensions
• Market leading delivery ties
• Manual or automated designs available
• Metal bonnet seals
• PR-2 qualified per API 6A Annex F


MPC In-Line Adjustable Chokes

• Large body annulus reduces body erosion
• Downstream and cap design permits inspection without removing choke from flow line and eliminates body wear under severe erosive conditions
• Tungsten carbide throttling components
• Interchangeable internal components with standard MPC Series angle body chokes