Catalysts, Adsorbents & Specialties (“CAS”)   

UOP’s Catalysts, Adsorbents & Specialties (“CAS”) line offers more than 300 catalysts and 150 adsorbents. UOP remain dedicated to continuous innovation and step-change improvements. UOP commercializes an average of 15 new catalysts and adsorbents each year.

Gas Processing technologies

UOP is a global leader in gas processing technologies. From pre-engineered modular units to highly integrated, multiple technology operations,  Gas Processing & Hydrogen (“GP&H”)  focuses on contaminant removal and natural gas liquid recovery to help maximize the value of gas streams. 
- Onshore and Offshore Gas Processing
- LNG Pretreatment
- Synthesis Gas Treating
- Hydrogen Recovery and Purification

Modern Refining and Petrochemical Process Licenses 

UOP  is the single source for modern Refining and Petrochemical Process Licenses which involves the integration of process, material, design and equipment.  Process Technology & Equipment (“PT&E”)  line offers a comprehensive range of UOP equipment which is a part of UOP technology transfer package.