Honeywell Elster Q.Sonic.max

Custody Transfer Metering has always been a critical component of oil and gas production whereby accurate and quality measurement plays a vital role in ensuring the optimization of the value chain for end users. All leading technologies are incorporated to provide complete solutions for the most demanding applications. This leads to reduced uncertainty, higher reliability, minimal risk and lower maintenance costs.

With our reputable and respected principal, Wenmax offers an extensive, commercially viable end-to-end solutions portfolio for gas and liquid metering, and control applications in the oil and gas industry. While pipeline automation, terminal loading, and fiscal metering require integrated metering solutions in the form of skids and stations, Wenmax goes a step forward and offers both skids and stations solution, along with automation and control systems.


Honeywell Elster Turbine Gas Meters

Honeywell Elster  offers multiple  types of turbine gas meters for fiscal and non-fiscal applications. This includes the Honeywell Elster TRZ2 and Elster SM-RI-X which are approved for custody transfer by PTB and NMI. For light and heavy industrial metering applications we offer highly reliable Quantometers for secondary metering purposes. 

Honeywell Elster EnCal 3000

Honeywell Elster  EnCal 3000 is a gas chromatograph analyzer specially designed for natural gas energy measurements. This state-of-the-art analyzer uses chromatography components based on the latest Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and capillary column technique that provides accurate and highly consistent analysis results. The device features a  compact, explosion-proof design and includes analytical hardware, stream selection and required electronics for standalone operation.

Honeywell Elster

Honeywell Elster TwinSonicplus uses market-leading technology from the field-proven Q.Sonicplus USM for its primary measurement.A patented six-path configuration provides detailed flow profile recognition, superb noise immunity, and unrivaled pressure and gas velocity abilities.

Using reflective paths and sophisticated diagnostics, the ultrasonic meter quickly identifies fouling or liquids inside the pipe. Fiscal measurements are fully compliant with AGA9, type approved (MID) by NMi, and explosion approved according to ATEX, IECEx, FM and CSA. With four double reflection paths (swirl paths) and two single reflection paths (axial paths), the primary measurement will provide compliant fiscal measurements even in case of a failure of one path of each type (axial/swirl).

Honeywell Elster Meascon

Honeywell’s CBM system, MeasconTM, fully integrates Honeywell’s high-pressure products (such as ultrasonic meters, flow computers and gas chromatographs) and takes performance to the next level. The powerful condition based monitoring capabilities detect any significant change either in the flow meter itself or in the process and environment in which it is operating. It runs on a PC, tablet or smartphone, makes sense of complicated data, shows trends, and allows users or a Honeywell expert to see a problem and troubleshoot it. MeasconTM historical diagnostic information can be used as a basis to extend the periods between the calibration intervals specified by the regulatory authorities.

Honeywell Elster

The Honeywell Elster  Q.Sonicplus multi-path ultrasonic gas meter is ideally suited for custody transfer measurements of natural gas. The patented arrangement of measuring paths in conjunction with sophisticated ultrasonic sensors and digital signal processing account for maximum measurement accuracy with excellent long-term stability. The flow profile analysis of the Q.Sonicplus allows the otherwise conventional use of a flow conditioner to be dispensed with in many applications. The Honeywell Elster® Q.Sonicplus ultrasonic gas meter delivers accuracy and insight to boost the reliability, performance and efficiency of custody transfer applications.