• Meter2di incorporates the use of two independent chamber seals, ensuring maximum safety
• HSG253 comply
• All chamber equalization and venting is controlled by one manifold.
• High pressure solutions up to 2500# ANSI meters.
• Reduced operating costs - No need to shut down, close and purge the upstream line. 
• Maintenance can be performed at any time 
• Plate buckling eliminated.

• To design a state of the art Dual Chamber Meter
• Guarantees correct plate insertion
• Reduce Downtime from Days / Hours to Minutes
• Provide Evidence of Safe Isolation
• Improve Operational Effeciency

Product Advantages

• Friendly operation (less components to manage = less maintenance)
• Capability to manufacture exotic materials such as duplex
• Less weight (our product is lighter than competitors) 
• A product less expensive (around 30% cheaper)
• Higher security in the option dual chamber block and bleed and double  isolation
• Short lead time (suppliers developed are close to our premises)