Netherlocks is a prominent manufacturer of Mechanical Safety Locks for Valve applications in Oil & Gas Industries, Fertilizer Industries, Marine Industries, Power Industries and Chemical Industries. We cater to different solutions for Pipeline Project as well for Piping Project in Oil and Gas Industries consist of :


Process Interlocking

Netherlocks products enforce and guarantee a predefined SEQUENCE of Operation and so eliminate Human Error. They are used as an industry standard by renowned companies like Total, BO, ADCO, and Shell to create a safer working environment.
Applications: PSV, Pig Launcher / Receiving, Remote Location Valves, Pump Change Over, Metering Skids, Gas Processing, Customized
Types: Ninety Degree, Multi Rotational, Pig Closure, Non Linear Sequence, Actuator Valve, Control Switch, Needle Valve, Customized

Valve Position Indicator

VPI is a high-performance switch box for manual multiturn valves. It detects when valves have reached their open or closed position and sends a signal to your DCS. This valuable information about manual assets enriches your control system’s capabilities. It helps to further optimize your process performance, and prevents safety issues or product contamination caused by incorrect valve line-ups. 

Partial Stroke Testing Device - FAITH

To test your most critical ESD valves during operation, you partially stroke the valve. To avoid the process flow being interrupted during testing, the FAITH mechanically blocks the valve movement when it reaches the test angle. You are 100% guaranteed a safe test. The FAITH partial stroke is ATEX-certified and can therefore be used in any type of process environment, following the highest safety standards.

Power Wrench Portable Actuator

The Power Wrench portable actuator reduces valve operating time by up to 80% and improves efficiency when operating manual valves. Install the drive plate with u-bolts, connect the Power Wrench portable actuator to an air supply and you are ready to go.