Custody Transfer Metering has always been a critical component of oil and gas production whereby accurate and quality measurement plays a vital role in ensuring the optimization of the value chain for end users. All leading technologies are incorporated to provide complete solutions for the most demanding applications. This leads to reduced uncertainty, higher reliability, minimal risk and lower maintenance costs.
With our reputable and respected principal, Wenmax offers an extensive, commercially viable end-to-end solutions portfolio for gas and liquid metering, and control applications in the oil and gas industry. While pipeline automation, terminal loading, and fiscal metering require integrated metering solutions in the form of skids and stations, Wenmax goes a step forward and offers both skids and stations solution, along with automation and control systems.

Liquid And Gas Metering System

At Wenmax, our dedicated Project team and discipline engineers are well versed and have diverse experience in customising gas and liquid metering solution packages for our clients. Solutions we provide comprises :
- Flowmeters
- Valves and piping
- Instrumentation
- Sensors and Transmitters
- Supervisory system
- Flow computer
- Meter prover systems
- For gas energy content, online gas chromatography
- For liquids, sampling systems and water  monitoring
- In-situ calibration using provers or master  meters
- Automation