Netherlocks is a prominent manufacturer of Mechanical Safety Locks for Valve applications in Oil & Gas Industries, Fertilizer Industries, Marine Industries, Power Industries and Chemical Industries. We cater to different solutions for Pipeline Project as well for Piping Project in Oil and Gas Industries consist of :

Valve position indication

Netherlocks valve positioning solutions generate digital feeback about the open or closed position of a valve in the field. This enables you to directly link this information to your process control systems. This enhances your valve safety and offers you various automation possibilities. All products can be equipped with wireless connections to your DCS!

Applications: Multi Rotation Valves, Customized where can be clubbed with Process Interlocks

Process Interlocking

Netherlocks products enforce and guarantee a predefined SEQUENCE of Operation and so eliminate Human Error. They are used as an industry standard by renowned companies like Total, BO, ADCO, and Shell to create a safer working environment.

Applications: PSV, Pig Launcher / Receiving, Remote Location Valves, Pump Change Over, Metering Skids, Gas Processing, Customized
Types: Ninety Degree, Multi Rotational, Pig Closure, Non Linear Sequence, Actuator Valve, Control Switch, Needle Valve, Customized

Partial Stroke Testing Device - FAITH

The Netherlocks FAITH (Fall Action Integrity Test Handling) system facilitates the partial stroke testing of valves without any risk of overshoot or process interruption. ATEX Approved.

Valve Operations

Power tool is a pneumatic handheld actuator that can be used to operate hand wheel operated valves. It removes the strain from the operator and saves a significant amount of time.

Applications: Multi rotation valves